Sunday Special and ECS followup: The terpenes and terpenoids…

We’re adding a fifth to our week-long series on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how WHOLE PLANT – and whole plant extract – cannabis works in the body.

(So maybe a good day to go back and review the others you may have missed.. …and a sixth may follow as we continue to explore the mechanisms and all learn together.)

We’ve talked a lot about how plant-based “phytocannabinoids” from plants can supplement and augment the workings of the body’s own internally produced “endocannabinoids” manufactured by the ECS.

However, there are other classes of medically active compounds in cannabis which are simply not found in any of the single-molecule, or otherwise derived or synthetic compounds making their way through the maze of the FDA “drug” approval process – with rules which exclude the richness of a medicine like the hundreds of strains of cannabis.

That is, as far as we can tell, it’s not that “medical cannabis” in its whole plant form HASN’T been approved by the FDA, rather more that as their criteria stand, it almost CAN’T be. And it WON’T be without a ground-up re-exam of FDA approval protocols and taking a fresh look at their view of botanical medicines, clinical proof and toxicity testing requirements which don’t really apply to a drug with an 8,000 year/millions of cases database of safety data…

,,,In any event, another main set of cannabis constituents is the “terpenes” – a large class of organic chemicals (over 20,000) which unlike the cannabinoids are not exclusive to cannabis, but which can enhance and mediate the actions of certain cannabinoids.

So enough intro from us… …the piece is fascinating in scope as it clarifies the emerging picture of the present roles and the future even greater potential of terpenes’ medical value in whole plant preparations.

Enjoy! (Isn’t Cannabis Classroom fun??)

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