Deep in the heart of….

…Texas is NOT one of “the 29 states” with a full legal medical cannabis program – plus Washington, DC, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the territory of Guam to be more exact.

However, TX came “thisclose” in 2017, and now, based on a 2015 Compassionate Use Act, the state is moving forward with licensing its first three cannabis growers (who will grow cannabis with very low THC content).

Texas will now become the first state with such a law to authorize in-state growing.

(Utah, e.g., has a similar law, but forces parents or their agents to cross state lines and so commit a federal crime on their way back home to Utah).

We increasingly feel bright red Texas’ 25 million residents (second most in the nation) will join deep blue California’s 37 million within 1-2 years, with close to 70% of the US population in legal medical states at that point (plus hopefully Utah’s 3.5 million souls).

That’s up from 0% just 21 years ago! Progress may be painfully slow for advocates in non-medical states, but given that the figure stayed locked at zero – for the preceding 59 years yet – and in the face of strong federal opposition, the current rate of progress is very promising for much of the rest of the country including Utah.

While Texas is expected to legalize via its legislature, the general growing appetite for change across the nation wouldn’t have come about nearly this fast without ballot initiative laws.

This is one issue where, in one state after another, citizens have been ahead of legislators on seeing the need for reform, chafing about their legislature’s failure to carry out the will of clear majorities to the point of peacefully brandishing petitions all over their home states, and so, as currently here in home state, the people are taking matters of cannabis law into their own hands…

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