Myths about cannabis it’s time to get over (one in a long series, alas): “It’s all anecdotal evidence. There are no studies.”

Well… …no, just no. For example, here’s 10 of the best from just from last year. NTM the other 25,000 scientific papers on medicinal cannabis published in this young century already, already…. ….and all linked in detail in the article below

1. Studies Show States With Medical Marijuana See Dramatic Decline in Opioid-Related Deaths

(And this study was in the Journal of the AMA, whom opponents love to cite.)

2. Study: National Medical Marijuana Could Save Thousands of Lives Annually

(As in up to 47,000 lives! Enough waiting for the science as so many lives are unnecessarily lost to…. …politics, greed and fear.)

3. Senior Citizens Embrace Medicinal Cannabis: Use up 250%

4. New Study: Δ9-THCA Has Potent Neuroprotective Properties

(This is an international study – as are a number here. Other countries aren’t as hostile to research as the DEA/FDA complex makes things here.)

5. Study Finds Marijuana Consumption Can Minimize Risk of Stroke

(Without any harmful side effects. Imagine that.)

6. Study Says Cannabis Helps HIV Patients Maintain Cognitive Function

7. THC and Migraines: Study Indicates Tetrahydrocannabinol Can Help

8. Review of CBD Studies Indicates Cannabinoid’s Antipsychotic Effects

9. Study: Cannabinoid Spray Helps Calm Spasticity in Spinal Cord Injuries

10. Cannabinoids Found to Increase Anticancer Effect of Chemotherapy

Thank you, science…!

So knowledge is power – and why not empower your representatives with what you’re learning… …share a study today. Most of them could really use more “edjumacations”…

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See full article – The 10 Significant Marijuana Studies of 2017