Sunday spotlight on cannabis history: Part Three – “Cannaphobia strikes deep… …into your heart it will creep.”

This piece covers somewhat the same historical period as Part Two, but from a different angle – how society has seen and felt about cannabis over recent history, which may help explain why many still have visceral negative feelings at the mere mention of the plant.

That is, despite all the debunking and new research, etc. over decades, opposition to medicinal cannabis often reaches a high emotional pitch and the outlandish and simply untrue things a shrinking minority believe about it are still nearly as stereotyped and overstated today as they were in the 1930s – as demonstrated by the tenor of a number of now widely reported speaker remarks from the recent Weber County “town hall.”

So exactly why does cannabis arouse this much negative feeling, even to a greater degree than truly destructive drugs like heroin, methamphetamines (“meth”) and cocaine do for many of the same people….?

One of TRUCE’s members with a both a cannabis literature and mental health background has been studying the question for several years and offers this extended, researched and illustrated take, including a few pieces of little-known Utah history….

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