Sunday Special – Doctors, cannabis, practice and education:

Part 1: The state of cannabis medicine today….

Today’s two part series gives our blog’s megaphone over to the words of physicians involved in medical cannabis themselves – in the first case willingly and completely for years, and the other how doctors in all the newly legal states have been coping with finding their proper roles and expertise in this new world of a different model of medicine with its own similar, but also different set of protocols.

In Part 1, then, the view is from a young doctor who’s spent the last four years actively involved in cannabis medicine, theory and practice who’s been studying to become a pain rehabilitation specialist with cannabis an integral part of the practice….

He offers a good look from the inside out at the realities of how cannabis medicine is being practiced, how it might much more beneficially be practiced in a more enlightened atmosphere, the state of what medical students are (and alas aren’t) being taught about cannabis’ medicinal potential and mechanisms of action, and much more.

Here’s one telling excerpt about his frustration concerning the lack of training on the last 20+ years of growing discoveries about the human endocannabinoid system:

“But nobody [designing curricula for med schools] is saying this is a widespread, homeostatic modulatory system which has the most prevalent neurotransmitter in the brain on a per second basis and regulates mood, appetite, memory, pain, inflammation, muscle relaxation, bone remodeling, reproduction, etc.

You could do that. You could teach that, but so what? How can I use that in my practice? Well, you can prescribe a medicine that your patients can’t get access to [laughs].

Actually, that’s not even true. You can also stimulate the endocannabinoid system through running, osteopathic treatments, and acupuncture. It could be understood in a much more widespread fashion, so there is definitely a huge gap there to fill.”

TRUCE’s highest recommendation. You’re bound to find some nuggets here you haven’t heard or read before.

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