We really hope you spend some time with today’s blogged radio program on 1) the history of cannabis in America, 2) the current prospects for its medicinal legalization in Utah this fall, and 3) what may happen after what the guests feel are at least reasonable prospects for the passage of a ballot initiative.

These are new and exciting times for advocates in Utah – even with an opposition campaign ramping up.

Public opinion has gone from a bit over 50% in favor when TRUCE set up shop – to over 75% these days – even with the opposition of the same parties still fighting against patients’ best interests – and it looks as if the UMCA (Utah Medical Cannabis Act) is set to be certified this month for the November ballot.

And could you have imagined just five years ago that outlets like KUER (NPR for SLC) would be originating intelligent, objective hour-long programs on the topic?

The program features both nationally and locally known guests:

“John Hudak is deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management and a senior fellow in Governance Studies at Brookings Institution in Washington, DC His book is called Marijuana: A Short History

Robert Gehrke is a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune. His recent column on medical cannabis and the LDS Church appeared on April 12, 2018.”

Even if a negative campaign of disinformation knocks support down some – primarily by trying to make the initiative sound like something it isn’t, it just feels like Utahns have heard the same untruths before and have continued to understand that cannabis medicine will do far more to benefit the state and its people than continuing prohibition.

So the genie is out of the bottle – and we hope the state’s media are determined to cover this issue fairly. We also know that over the last four years a number of the state’s leading journalists have been educating themselves on the matter.

And clearly, KUER’s Doug Fabrizio, the host of Radio West has been doing his homework.

Enjoy and share this program please! Truth is a major disinfectant to propaganda and distortion.

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