Initial reports on this story made a splash in opponent circles… …except that this infant’s sad loss turns out NOT to have been shown to be the ‘first marijuana overdose death’…

…meaning that after 8,000 years of use, the world is still waiting for any confirmation that marijuana has ever been directly fatal to anyone, anywhere….

…this is despite medicinal cannabis being legal in more than half the states… …and in a rapidly increasing number of countries… …with fewer adverse events than any drug taken by even a fraction as many people…

…and despite a huge and mounting death toll from legally dispensed opioids… …and many thousands of other deaths and serious side effects from many other legally prescribed agents…

…still, those those opposed to medicinal cannabis continue to obsess over its mythologized dangers and to spread unvalidated and often untrue information.

This mischaracterization of the phrase “the first reported pediatric death associated with cannabis exposure” is likely to keep being repeated in the local debate over medical cannabis, so we urge all of our followers to read and share this article.

“‘We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child,’ said Thomas Nappe, an author of the report who is now the director of medical toxicology at St. Luke’s University Health Network in PA.

Nappe emphasized that the word ‘associated’ should not be interpreted as indicating a cause and effect.

Drug policy and health experts also warned against making too much of the report.

‘You just can’t make those statements because then what happens is lay people say, Oh my God, did you hear a kid died from marijuana poisoning? And it can be sensationalized,” said Noah Kaufman, a Northern Colorado emergency room physician.

‘It’s not based on reality. It’s based on somebody kind of jumping the gun and making a conclusion, and scientifically you can’t do that.”

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