Sunday science special: Understanding cannabis classification (Part one of three)…

Have the best known terms for cannabis types – “indica” and “sativa” become blurred and rendered obsolete by modern breeding practices…?

For many centuries these two types were geographically separated and genetically diverging – with more strongly psychoactive indica being mostly grown across, well, India and adjoining areas, while sativa – farmed in Europe – was mostly a low THC “hemp” crop for many years.

Then they were brought together again, particularly in recent times when growers began to crossbreed them in earnest, creating many hybrids.

The linked article here is a “point of view” and not a settled matter. However, Dr. Ethan Russo is a heavyweight in medical cannabis research, and his take – in this case that the terms are a distinction without a difference – is always of interest.

“Dr. Russo advises consumers and physicians to ‘abandon the sativa/indica nomenclature and rather insist that accurate biochemical assays on cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles be available.’ There are many biochemically distinct types of cannabis. Chemical analysis is the only way to really be sure what is in the products they are using or prescribing.”

He adds that biochemical differences are more important than characteristics usually used to distinguish indica from sativa – plant height, leaf width, etc.

Dr. Russo notes: “The sedation of the so-called indica strains is falsely attributed to CBD content when, in fact, CBD is stimulating in low and moderate doses! Rather, sedation in most common cannabis strains is attributable to their myrcene content…”

(Myrcene is a non-cannabinoid ‘terpene’ compound in various strains of cannabis. See: for more on these).

Our next article – while acknowledging breeding is changing the classical cannabis genotypes – shows additional reasons the distinction is still useful…

…and for now the types are almost universally used throughout the medical cannabis dispensary system, even if it’s increasingly likely that the particular breeding pedigree of stable strains breeders have created is defining their finer characteristics.

To be continued later today… ….stay tuned…

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