In Canada – which has long been an staunch ally in most of America’s military conflicts – Veteran’s Day is called Remembrance Day. And here’s how one vet is celebrating…..

After experiencing PTSD-like symptoms following his Afghanistan service, and qualifying for medical cannabis once it was available in Canada, here’s how former soldier Cody Lindsay has coped:

“He’s now committed to educating other vets about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. [Now billing himself as] ‘the Wellness Soldier,’ Simpson authors cookbooks, speaks to veterans groups, and regularly puts on cooking demos at cannabis conventions, all with the goal of educating others on the best way to consume the herb through a healthy diet.”

For this article, he spoke to Leafly about Remembrance Day and what veterans should know about using cannabis for their symptoms, including why there are still obstacles and about efforts to overcome them…

An interesting read from our neighbor to the north, where “things are often much the same except different,” lolz… …and where you’ll learn a cannabis term in Canadian slang we’d never heard before….

Note: TRUCE will be running a number of posts to commemorate the unmet medical needs of our wounded warriors on Veterans Day (tomorrow, 11/11).

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Remembrance Day to all….


PS: If you’d like to know more about the history of Veterans Day, please check this link….

Veterans Day is also formally set at a particular time on the day: “…at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month…” …and for any don’t know the how that came to be set as Armistice Day – though not until 1938, 20 years after the fighting ended, btw – and which was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 after WWII and the Korean War…. ….please see the following:

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