Federal Watch: Even as a new level of cannabis law reform momentum is building in Congress (see tomorrow’s Sunday Special), by contrast, the Executive Branch’s policies on cannabis and the opioid crisis appear by contrast to be somewhat in a state of disarray…..

“As Americans for Safe Access writes:

‘With Rep. Tom Marino withdrawing [from consideration to be the country’s new ‘Drug Czar,’] the country’s leadership on national drug policy remains unclear:

-ONDCP, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, does not have a permanent person in role of Drug Czar

-The Department of Health and Human Services is without a Secretary of Health after Tom Price’s resignation

-The DEA only has an acting director

-And the President’s Commission on Combating Addiction and the Opioid Crisis has continued to delay and postpone its meetings [and has not allowed testimony on the value of medical cannabis in fighting the deadly epidemic].’

President Trump has promised he would declare a national emergency next week to help solve the crisis, but he has made that promise before with no results.

Despite the lack of leadership, most cannabis advocates were pleased with Marino’s withdrawal. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) gave Marino an F in its 2016 voter guide:

‘The Trump administration [as personified by the approach of the Attorney General] has escalated the war on drugs [including his antipathy towards medical cannabis], ignoring overwhelming evidence that it’s deeply unpopular and staggeringly counterproductive,’ said Grant Smith of the DPA. ‘The next drug czar should resist failed drug war tactics and instead prioritize health-based interventions that reduce drug-related harm and save lives’.”

More in the article, NTM there are even more signs of internal discord in the Administration and regulatory agencies as we’ve covered….. …and we would note the “next Drug Czar” ought to (in our opinion) be called something other than the “Drug Czar” to better reflect that suggested change in and maturation in mission.

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