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THCa, CBN, THC, CBD, THCv, CBDa, CBDv, CBG, CBC… …yada yada.

What does all this “cannalphabet” soup mean? We reference a number of these compounds often in our posts and many have questions, especially about why whole plant medicine has a definite advantage in clinical effectiveness over isolated parts of the plant or synthesized extracts of isolated components like “Marinol” (synthetic THC) and “Epidiolex” (CBD).

There are over 100 known “phytocannabinoids” in the Cannabis plant and each has different and/or overlapping benefits and effects. This article, including embedded videos, explains a bit more about the 10 most commonly referenced. Each does so much more than is written here and it also varies from person to person.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the medical potential of cannabis.

If Cannabis were to be discovered today deep in a forest somewhere and people started to uncover its nutritional and medicinal benefits, it would surely be considered one of the greatest pharmaceutical discoveries of our time. Instead, however, it has always been around and was criminalized and taken from away from doctors and patients – while governments and corporations patent its properties for control and profit and to feed the interests of the many other organizations, groups and activities which have come to benefit from its continuing illegal status since 1937.

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