Sunday Special – New and Ongoing Research – Post 1 of 2

If you happened to catch and read our series on the emerging and groundbreaking science of how medical cannabis works in the body – and last week’s multi-part survey on cannabis’ variety of species over time and strains today, you likely know more than most people (and sadly, perhaps more about whole plant medical cannabis science than many doctors – both in legal and non-legal states).

So what are cannabis physicians and scientists doing to apply all of this (and much more) new knowledge? Today we’re highlighting a few of the many research areas with new study findings, or where new studies are underway and what they’re investigating.

More and more states are having to consider expanding their approved conditions list as the good news about medical cannabis out in the real world of patients continues to come in from labs around the world.

The spectrum of research only continues to broaden as new data builds on earlier work. While high THC cannabis remains by far the most studied form of medical cannabis, high CBD medicine has been a particular hotbed of research activity for a a variety of reasons, one of which is certainly that it’s showing its worth in treating many conditions without the psychoactivity of high THC strains and preparations.

Also, however, scientists want to investigate the separate effects of the two, as they’re first two cannabinoids with significant – and distinct – medical activity to be studied in any depth, though others may emerge as research continues.

“There are 22+ active CBD clinical trials, 230+ completed clinical trials, and 110+ clinical trials either in open enrollment or getting ready to open up to recruiting for CBD clinical trials.”

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