Federal cannabis law reform proposals are in full spring bloom [Part II]…

Here’s more detail on burgeoning federal efforts to begin to move past eighty plus years of mis-directed federal policies which have had many negative social side effects while never achieving their stated goals (although their unstated goals have benefited a number of industries which flourish because of prohibition)….

Among the bills which would bring major reform, Senator Schumer’s recently introduced bill and Senator Cory Booker’s “Marijuana Justice Act” introduced last year, have received considerable publicity as both would move to significantly disentangle the federal government from cannabis regulatory policy.

However, bills more focused on narrower medicinally-oriented reform (as discussed in our Part I post earlier today) may have a better chance of advancing sooner.

Another bill of interest in this area is the CARERS Act:

In any event, we’ll keep checking in this area and pass on developments as we learn of them…

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