In case you missed the longer KSL article we posted yesterday on this, here’s another media take….

“The top prosecutor in Utah’s largest city is speaking out in support of an effort to legalize medical marijuana.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill says using medical marijuana should be a decision between a patient and a doctor rather than a criminal matter. He spoke at a news conference Tuesday as supporters of a medical-marijuana ballot initiative fend off opponents’ increasing efforts to keep them off the ballot.

The Utah Patients Coalition has submitted enough signatures to qualify for the ballot by a comfortable margin, but opponents of the measure are now going back to those voters and asking them to remove their signatures.

Medical marijuana supporters say opponents like the Utah Medical Association are using deceptive tactics to flip voters.

The physicians’ group denies misleading anyone, and says people should know about their concerns.”

Again, we’re so pleased to count DA Sims among medicinal cannabis’ supporters.

PS: If you haven’t heard, when “the physicians’ group,” denies “misleading anyone,” they’re, well, l.y.i.n.g.

We don’t like to use that term, but they’re doing it – and now PAYING people to do it. A lot. As whatever their protestations that their “canvassers” are out telling nothing but “educational” truths, both of the videos sent to us – along with messages about encounters – along with materials being sent through the mail from other groups – show ONLY (at best) distortions, exaggerations, and yes, outright untruths.

We’ve quoted examples in a number of recent posts.

That the #UMA has at best a tenuous relationship with truth-telling isn’t just our opinion: the Standard-Examiner examined the UMA “statement” released by UMA CEO Michelle McOmber and rated much of it “pure rubbish.”

Which we think is being kind, frankly.

So we’re happy to debate their “statement,” the junk mailings they’re sending out, and their evolving, contradictory quotes to the press every day of the week.

How about (just thinking aloud) on television – maybe on, say, commercial-free KUED (or any major station) – for at least an hour??


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