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TRUCE’s pledge to Utahns remains unchanged: We promise to keep bringing you the most credible, defensible, up-to-date information on all aspects of medicinal cannabis use we can find – at least until every potential Utah patient has the unfettered right to safe, legal, affordable access to the most effective forms of cannabis medicines available.

And you – as a vanguard of the states’ residents – are also playing a key role in the movement.

By educating yourselves, becoming active in advocacy, and by sharing and liking our posts, attending our events, volunteering to collect signatures for the ballot initiative donating to our cause and inviting your friends to join the page, you’re providing a service to your friends, families and neighbors that’s making a crucial difference.

Polls show us that the great majority of Utahns are sympathetic, but in the debate to come, the airwaves, social media and more will also be full of misinformation, propaganda and simply incorrect myths and stereotypes – so there needs to be a great deal more public education.

Please help us reach our next thousand likes and beyond – the more members, the more momentum….

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