BREAKING NEWS: This is TRUCE’s Press Release concerning the [outrageous] behavior of Drug Safety Utah canvassers who’ve been trying to get petition signers for the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative to withdraw their signatures.

A reader of our TRUCE blog sent us a video of her encounter with one of the Drug Safety Utah temporary employees as described in the linked press release.

You may also go straight to the video here:

We will say this is an amazing, even surreal piece of video. A special mention will go out to the reader who spots the most untruths, distortions, vast leaps of logic, misrepresentations and whoppers in its 11 minutes and 36 seconds.

PS: More video documentation of canvasser behavior is most welcome.

And know this:

Michelle S. McOmber – listed as the “first principal” of Drug Safety Utah – has stated the canvassers are only engaged in “community education.”

As Fox 13 News reported:

“McComber swears their group isn’t trying to sway decisions, but spread education.

‘We’re just saying, Here is information about that, and are you aware of this? and I think that’s fair,’ she said. ‘That’s something about getting information out to the people’.”


Which, well, sounds reasonable, no?

Except it’s now been revealed as utterly untrue…

So yes, this video (along with the written scripts and tip sheets for canvassers which we shared on May 5th) is indeed highly educational…

…educational about the bottom of the barrel tactics Ms. McOmber has been denying – and a dark reflection on the Utah Medical Association Board which has been supporting her untruthful anti-medical cannabis crusade.

The Eagle Forum and the DEA Salt Lake Metro Drug Trafficking office are also listed as co-founders of DSU. For their own reputation’s sake, may we helpfully suggest they cut their losses and withdraw from this shameful enterprise ASAP.

TRUCE is calling for Drug Safety Utah’s cavassing campaign to be immediately suspended, pending investigation of what are likely possible violations of law, and if not violations of law, certainly of any ethical standard that should govern the behavior of a state medical association.

The whole anti-initiative campaign’s ugly, entitled, and anti-citizen side has now been fully revealed. And we expect considerable fallout. Let the chips fall where they may.

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