This is TRUCE’s Press Release concerning the campaign being financed and directed by the Utah Medical Association and the Eagle Forum – via the newly set up “Drug Safe Utah.”

Drug Safe Utah’s “Principal #1” is Michelle S. McOmber, the non-medical CEO of the Utah Medical Association (UMA).

Note that Ms. McOmber also co-ordinated the publication of the UMA’s statement opposing the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative (UCMI).

We would remind readers that:

1) After publishing an investigative report on the document, the Standard-Examiner’s Editorial Board found many of the key contentions of the UMA’s (totally unreferenced) “statement” to be – in their words and their all caps – “PURE RUBBISH.”

2) Ms. McOmber and/or other members of the UMA Board began that statement – in the name of “Utah’s leading professional medical organization” – by calling the UCMI – without any indication the UMA knew better – the “Utah Marijuana Initiative” – i.e., changing “cannabis” to the more inflammatory “marijuana”… …and simply leaving out “Medical” altogether…!!

We leave it to readers to determine how much weight to give the content of a piece which displays bias, disdain – and disregard for any attempt at accuracy – from its very title and first sentence.

And now the same person – Ms. McOmber – who’s presided over these ethical lapses – is heading up an Initiative Nullification effort – as described in TRUCE’s latest press release below.

Please share widely and immediately. Every voter deserves to know what’s going on.

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