The Sessions gambit:

TRUCE is gratified to see members of both major parties at the state and federal levels taking the ill-considered, destabilizing and rash decision made by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to interfere in programs already operating in over half of the states to task in no uncertain terms.


“Sessions’ action [has] created confusion in states where the drug is legal and outraged both marijuana advocates and some members of Congress, including Sessions’ fellow Republicans.

Many conservatives are wary of what they see as federal intrusion in areas they believe must be left to the states.

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, one of eight states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, said the change contradicts a pledge Sessions made to him before being confirmed.

Gardner promised to push legislation to protect marijuana sales, saying he was prepared ‘to take all steps necessary’ to fight the change, including holding up the confirmation of Justice Dep’t nominees.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, called the announcement ‘disruptive’ and ‘regrettable.’

CO US Attorney Bob Troyer said his office won’t change its approach. Prosecutors there have always focused on marijuana crimes that ‘create the greatest safety threats’ and will continue to be guided by that

Sen. Hatch issued a statement calling on the DOJ to ‘remove bureaucratic red tape — not put up roadblocks — to allow our nation’s top researchers to study the potential medicinal benefits.’

The UT Legislature last year approved a bill allowing research in the state without federal approval. Medical cannabis advocates launched a ballot initiative in June to let voters decide whether to legalize the drug for medicinal use.

TRUCE Utah issued a statement saying it ‘strongly condemns this action and believes that this will endanger patients’ and states’ rights.’

‘We believe this is a states’ rights issue, and the patients, doctors and people of each state should have the right to discuss treatment options with their doctors,’ said Christine Stenquist, TRUCE executive director.

Sessions’ action, Stenquist said, ‘is an affront, not only to patients who need to have these important conversations with their physicians, but to the small businesses and entrepreneurs that have worked in an already volatile market’.”

More in the article. We urge you to let your elected officials know your feeling on this matter.    

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