We mentioned Utah’s Federal DA, John Huber and local DEA head, Brian Besser in yesterday’s post as much of the state’s law enforcement apparatus is gearing up to oppose the Utah Medical Cannabis Act (#UMCA).

TRUCE much respects the rule of law – which is why we’ve been advocating for reform via every constitutional, legal route for the last four years. In terms of cannabis, though, law enforcement’s been tasked with carrying out ill-conceived laws for over 80 years now.

That is, given that their budgets – and their very employment – depend to a real extent on those laws, they’ve been in “motivated denial” about medicinal cannabis all this time.

The DEA is part and parcel of the giant apparatus growing out of the 1930’w nefarious “reefer madness” campaign, which was then given rocket fuel by the 1970’s “the War on Drugs” – none of which was based on science (and in fact ran counter to the evidence of the time – let alone the evidence we have now).

So little surprise to us that…

“One day after the controversial measure was certified to be on Utah’s ballot this November, the top lawyer and head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in the State of Utah [US DA John Huber] strongly came out against legalizing marijuana.

Brian Besser, head of the #DEA in Utah echoes the top cop:

‘[Black market cannabis] is being sold on the streets and making a lot of money. We are seeing high grade marijuana from neighboring states and it’s grown legally’.”

But (not mentioned in this article or yesterday’s) the Utah black market has been going strong for decades – based on illegally grown, dubious cartel cannabis.

Also not mentioned – because it runs counter to the absolutely false – but incessant – opponent “recreational” narrative is that the UMCA will not “legalize marijuana,” rather set up a program where physicians can recommend medicinal cannabis only to patients who meet diagnostic criteria.

Putting in a carefully regulated medicinal cannabis program will – if anything – lessen Utah’s demand for “diverted” product to the extent it’s driven by patient demand! Not to mention creating hundreds of good new jobs in the state.

Besser also played the same old, same old “raw plant material” can’t be medicine card – where we have thousands of scientific papers by distinguished researchers and organizations which has already convinced 30 states.

DJ Schanz with Utah Patients Coalition stated:

“The real crime and inhumane action would be to continue to criminalize patients who use cannabis for a certain amount of relief who suffer from cancer, aids, epilepsy and chronic pain.”

By all means read the rest of Huber’s and Besser’s arguments. We think we know who wins in a fair contest of ideas which is why TRUCE’s publishing and remarks – unlike the materials released by opponents – are always is open to “their side of the story.”

TRUCE: The more you know….

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