Utah opponents quickly run short on ammunition when they try to make convincing arguments. TRUCE publishes vetted info multiple times/day and after four years, we aren’t even close to running out of new, supportive evidence that favors medicinal cannabis reform. And momentum for federal reform promises to take away another of what they think are their bullets.

The reason there’s no equivalent anywhere in the state to TRUCE’s blog on the opponent side is that they’d quickly run out of things to say.

Among their main points are:

a) claiming that the Utah Medical Cannabis Act legalizes recreational use (a bald-faced lie) –

b) that it will result in cannabis gummi bears being sold freely on every Utah street corner (It won’t. It will take a good number of years before the maximum of around 30-40 dispensaries could be reached, and only doctor approved patients will be able to purchase medicine) –

c) that it will increase youth use (when evidence from a number of states indicate that hasn’t happened, and youth use has decreased in several) –

d) that people will be growing plants in their backyards all over the state – which is a deliberate misreading of the Act, as that would only happen if they state didn’t get around opening 5-8 dispensaries by 2021 and only more than a hundred miles from a dispensary – and

e) citing things that may (or may not) go wrong in unregulated use scenarios, which the #UMCA won’t allow.

How many times can those fibs be stated in new ways? Booorring!

And then there’s the “federal argument” (ironic since many of our opponents are erstwhile “states’ rights” supporters who otherwise cite the 10th Amendment twice before breakfast: Opponents say Utah can’t do what 30 states have done because cannabis is against federal law.

So much for fealty to the 10th. ?

Meanwhile, Congress has already passed a law every session since 2014 protecting state marijuana programs from federal interference, and there are perhaps 20 bills in Congressional hoppers which would permanently change federal law, with growing support for a number of them.

This reform will kick one of the last already hanging-by-a-thread planks in opponent arguments to the ground

Here’s one of the latest bills:

“It’s time to reform American’s outdated marijuana policies.

Watch as Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) discuss new legislation – the States Act – that would let states, territories, and tribes decide for themselves how best to regulate marijuana – just as they do with alcohol and other substances – without federal interference.”

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