Safety and Utah Initiative opponents: “We have to find out if cannabis is safe enough to be used as a medicine.”

We guess 0 (zero) overdoses out of 200 million people using cannabis in a year isn’t enough for some people (along with 5,000 years of clinical use) – but that a few small-scale studies of of very low THC medicine done in-state will somehow help answer this (already answered) question…??

“Despite cannabis being the most widely-taken ‘drug’ in the world, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, (UNODC) who just released their 2017 report, were unable to find a single case of an overdose from the four corners of the globe

The report for 2015 found cannabis is the most consumed ‘illegal’ substance, yet is on the whole safe and not considered addictive nor fatal.”


“UNODC estimated that there were 190,900 drug-related deaths in 2015, none of which were from cannabis

In contrast, deaths from opioids between 1999 and 2015 tripled, as doctors across the world prescribed more of these drugs than ever before, regardless of the devastating consequences.”

We like to use scientific language in reaching conclusions about data we review, but all that comes to mind here, is:

Banning proven cannabis as chronic pain medicine while pushing out these billions of doses of opioids like Valentine’s Day chocolates is frankly, scientifically speaking, well, nuts….!!

The hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance many of us sense can feel terribly frustrating as we keep reviewing more and more evidence showing that medical cannabis is not only safe – and effective – but safer and more effective than so many approved medicinals in multiple applications.

Yet we keep hearing the same outrageous fears and qualms based on stereotypes that were never based on any evidence in the first place, but which keep coming back like the monster in a bad horror movie.

Time for a change? That, thankfully is going to be up to you this time…

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