Spotlight on pros and cons for medicinal cannabis in Utah:

Here’s a truly epic length feature article from the D-News by Ben Lockhart, who obviously poured himself into a ton of interviewing and boiling down what he’s heard here.

In terms of the “cons,” the story reports on many points of view – including – in some detail – most or nearly all of main reasons opponents are against the initiative or real reform via the State Legislature.

It won’t surprise you that we don’t think any of these objections hold much water when they’re examined in the light of the best available evidence – plus a dollop of reason topped off with justifiable compassion. Further, if you follow our more than daily posting of research and news with an open mind, we don’t feel you will either.

Still, please feel free to tell us if you think we’re wrong about that – as in wrong about any of it – and why. We’d really love your critical input.

Balancing this out, there’s also a lots on the case for a program which is cast more in terms of how medicinal cannabis helps particular people, so there’s less emphasis on the many studies which support the scientific case.

Not to worry, though, we’ll be addressing all of these objections in detail in the days to come and we hope you’re doing the same in your circles and communities. But even if you read us as “oppo research” (as we know a few do), we know that nothing we publish is deliberately shaded and we welcome scrutiny.

All in all, we feel this is an important read and we don’t mind directing you to dissenting voices, because in the long run it’s important to understand where all the principals are coming from in this debate. We feel that the great majority of those who take the time to objectively look at the issue and the evidence will end up supporting the right of patients for safe, legal, carefully regulated and affordable access to medicinal cannabis.

We also feel people will recognize that the “unintended consequences” (and yes that argument is BACK!) of NOT legalizing its use are more detrimental to society than any unintended consequences of legalizing it – a matter which can be analyzed by looking at all the states that have, and realizing those states are expanding, not doing away with their programs.

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