Memo to the Utah Medical Association: Pharmacy schools are adding medical cannabis training to their curricula. Now if only plants were actually medicine (as the UMA claims they’re not in citing its opposition to the Utah Initiative), and it was possible for people to understand how to manage dosing it (as the UMA claims hasn’t been figured out)….

“Medical marijuana training is now part of the curriculum at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

The School of Pharmacy in Baltimore has already signed up 24 people for online courses and hopes to add thousands more.

‘Let’s educate these individuals to do it properly,’ says pharmacy Professor Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner.

‘The training is specifically geared toward the staff, that by the Maryland law, are going to be dispensing or cultivating the medical marijuana.’

The school is partnering with the group Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a D.C.-based medical cannabis advocacy organization.

The Washington Post says #ASA is providing instructors and the curriculum, which the school “vetted and adjusted,” according to the paper.

‘We here in Maryland, and a lot of other states now, are getting on board with really having a medical model,” says Krissy Bernazani, the clinical director of ‘Freestate Wellness’.”

The program will be available to students throughout the country, and so could benefit staff here if the the Initiative becomes law.

Note: TRUCE is a proud affiliate of Americans for Safe Access.

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