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We can’t vouch for this, but we absolutely hope the ill-conceived and fraudulently practiced nullification process has failed to rob Utahns of their constitutional right to express themselves on a validly qualified ballot initiative this fall.

And we will note that however the count comes down, matters of possible law-breaking by opponents are yet to be adjudicated here. People have misused high positions and public trust. And we believe they should be held to account.

Brief excerpt:

“The latest numbers show the medical marijuana ballot initiative may have survived an attempt to undercut it with a signature removal campaign.

The Washington County Clerk’s Office provided FOX 13 with numbers as of Monday evening, showing 366 signature removal requests had been received for the medical cannabis initiative and 686 for Count My Vote, the direct primary initiative.

It’s still a moving target, as signatures continue to be validated and the total numbers move up and down. To qualify for the ballot, citizen initiative petitions must get a threshold of signatures in 26 of Utah’s 29 Senate districts.”

We again are touched by the number of people who’ve worked so hard for so long to give citizens this chance.

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