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TRUCE has released an analysis of bills authored by Rep. Brad Daw (R-Orem) and co-sponsored by Sen. Evan Vickers (R-D28) which Utah can do without. In particular without HB195 and HB197.

You can read that detailed report here:

These bills do the opposite of moving toward access to the well-established benefits of medicinal cannabis for Utah patients. As in previous years, none of them have been crafted with input from patient advocacy groups like TRUCE.

The best evidence that Utahns deserve a program without further delays “to wait for the science” comes from the growing and successful established programs in 29 states, including most of the largest – serving millions of patients…!

At some point X million “anecdotes” become compelling “evidence” as a whole (above and beyond the 25,000 plus scientific papers we keep reminding people of).

Let us say this plainly:

Talking about more local studies and tiny pilot programs is not “a careful step in the right direction,” rather nothing but an opponent stall tactic at this point.

We don’t know what’s in people’s hearts, but by their acts over a long and growing period, we can only conclude these bills’ sponsors are not cautious proponents of medical cannabis, rather in effect and practice, they are determined opponents of real reform who make a public show of being somehow supportive.

Meanwhile, existing state programs have high patient – and public – satisfaction. Support for medical cannabis is running between 85 and 91% in recent nation-wide polls – and well over 70% here. While there are strong feelings, there is NO more nonpartisan issue in the country than medicinal cannabis.

The programs also reduce the use of other high-side-effect, high cost pharmaceuticals – including opioids.

They are implemented not entirely without adjustments – nothing is perfect – but they ARE run without serious outbreaks of the dire social problems predicted by opponents and “go-slowers” in EVERY state – UNTIL programs actually come on line and have good public acceptance (in time by nearly everyone after Sodom and Gomorrah always fail to appear).

TRUCE did not come into existence to pick fights with anyone. We have no personal animus toward these gentlemen or other “show us the dosage,” etc. types we know – but at this point in the years-long debate, felt it’s time to speak clearly.

Read our analysis. Read this article.

And then we hope YOU express yourself to your legislators as well.

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