BREAKING: Utah Medical Cannabis Ballot Initiative being presented to the state on Monday!

The Utah Patient’s Coalition (#UPC) is formally submitting the long-awaited-by-many measure to the Lieutenant Governor. Color us excited, even if we try limit the use of exclamation points in our posts, and we just used one.

Our own Lora Smith Romney, a key member of TRUCE as well as a chronic pain sufferer is so pumped, as you can see, that she’s getting her hair done to help with the roll out… 🙂

This is just the next step – but after years of ground work, Utahns are finally going to have a chance to have their voices heard – first by signing petitions over the next months (watch this space for details, and make SURE you’re REGISTERED to vote), and then a long state-wide campaign which will face plenty of well-funded opposition and fear-mongering along the way….

….Which as you’ll read below has already started, so let us just refute one “issue” out of the box:

One of the many flimsy “not enough science” objections concerns fears of not knowing how much medical cannabis is right and safe. And “scientifically” it’s, in a word, hogwash.

These “we don’t know the dosage” arguments are tedious and threadbare. The safety is more established than for any other medical drug, Period.

Physicians and patients also work together to “titrate” the best individual doses of thousands of Rx meds every day for a given patient, so the entire argument is just so much hooey.

And TRUCE and others will be here continuing our educational mission to dispel all of the fog with actually credible info from now until as long as it takes. We wish the Utah Patients Coalition great success.

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