TRUCE is pleased that the Utah Democratic party has included a positive position on whole plant medical cannabis in its party platform (it was upcoming at the date of this video’s airing, but was adopted at the State Democratic Convention).

However, while this KUTV video starts off sounding like this is now about to become a partisan party issue, they do quote the GOP party chair, Rob Anderson, as noting the Utah Republican party has declined to take an official party position. And the latest polls indicate that 64% of Utah Republicans are in favor.

“It’s a political issue, because people are making it a political issue,” said Daisy Thomas, chair of the Utah Democratic Party, who said medical marijuana treatment should not be political, but between patients and physicians.

TRUCE fully agrees and we continue to seek productive dialog with all major political parties in the state on this most bi-partisan (or “omni-partisan” since Utah has more than two parties). And we also continue to reach out to other interested groups and institutions.

Making this a battle rather than a discussion and examination of all of the medical and scientific evidence is in no one’s best interest….

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