Scare tactics and truth telling… ….Will Governor Herbert’s opposition matter to voters…??

“DJ Schanz [Director of the Utah Patients Coalition] did not fault Herbert for weighing in on the issue, but described his comments as ‘another example of what Utahns have grown tired of: politicians standing between patients and their physicians.’

‘Saying the most conservatively drafted initiative in the country would ‘potentially’ open the door for recreational use is a scare tactic that has no basis in truth,’ Schanz added.

Connor Boyack, founder and president of Libertas Institute – a free-market think tank in Lehi – responded to Herbert’s statement.

‘It is awkward to see Gov. Herbert suggest that HB 197 is a good reason to oppose the proposed medical cannabis initiative. This bill was initially voted down and only was barely revived after its sponsor, Rep. Brad Daw, pleaded with colleagues to not kill the bill,’ Boyack said via Twitter. ‘This strong opposition suggests that it is not the ideal path Herbert claims.’

Boyack faulted HB 197 for establishing a government-run monopoly on cannabis production.

“Even worse, the cannabis is only available to Utahns who are already at death’s door – not the thousands who suffer and are scared of overdosing on opiates,” Boyack said.

If Utahns give medical cannabis the thumbs up in November, Schanz said it will take about a year to get the infrastructure in place to produce and sell both whole plant and derived cannabis products. The initiative prohibits smoking, but vaporizing will be permitted.

‘This is not a state monopoly. The initiative gives out licensure for different aspects of cannabis,’ Schanz said. That would include 15 grow licenses and at least 30 dispensary licenses. The deadline for full implementation is April 2020.

The Utah Patients Coalition – the political issues committee backing the initiative – is close to clearing the signature-gathering hurdle of 113,143 voter signatures statewide – in proper proportion from 26 of Utah’s 29 Senate districts. So far, county clerks have verified 122,000 names in appropriate numbers from 23 Senate districts. In a few remaining counties that work continues as the April 16 deadline approaches.”

Much more worth your time in the article… …including an (unscientific and but interesting) online poll about public support for the initiative you haven’t seen….

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