More on Friday’s votes on HB195 and HB197…

….remember, HB197 is being brought up for reconsideration on Monday, and also remember that TRUCE’s analysis has found deep flaws in this bill on a number of grounds – as noted in our posts and press releases since they were introduced.

…and also note that legislators are going back and forth on the matter. The sponsor claims he’s found enough votes he can change to resurrect it, but he’s not the ONLY one who can contact members to try and have an effect on Monday’s vote.

Please let your reps know how YOU feel. Those who voted no can be encouraged to NOT change their vote.

And those who supported this program – which would get the state more involved in the future cannabis business than it already is in the liquor business – i.e., more than the DABC – can be encouraged to change their yes votes to no if you agree that HB197 is a) not a good idea in the first place and b) not in patients’ or citizens’ best long-term interests.

We know that politicians really do monitor constituent input, and especially on close issues, that input can very much make a difference.

And it’s not only bill sponsors, paid lobbyists, special interests and other politicians who are allowed to participate in the politician influencing game – YOU can too.

Because who’s more “special” an interest in medical matters being legislated about than the people who stand to benefit or suffer based on what their lawmakers decide…. …i.e., who’s got more “skin in the game” than you…??

So, if you’re not impressed by this deliberate distraction from the Ballot Initiative’s proposed actual program, you can find out who represents you here:….

…and then contact them today or early Monday.

(No Sunday calls, and no personal attacks on the legislators, their faiths or party, PLEASE – these are NOT how to win friends and influence Legislators. Just state how you’d like them to vote and why.)

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