A few national perspectives on Utah legislation, Part one:

“Cannabis theatre…”

…a playhouse where opponents always have another act waiting behind the curtain…

Here’s a national cannabis press article on Utah HB195 and HB197, which critics favoring reform are panning in no uncertain terms, but proposals the anything but reformist-minded legislature seems happy with for all their serious flaws as medical cannabis legislation. This is despite the fact that (or maybe because) a careful reading of the bills reveals neither may ever deliver medicinal cannabis to anyone, or maybe to a tiny handful of the patient population just waiting to be served by a real program.

And with a vague outline of a cannabis growing/production program that could leave a path for certain connected parties to profit without provisions creating transparency. (We’re not saying connected to whom, because we have no idea, just that as Utah starts to have cannabis businesses, procedures for entering them need to be transparent, open and fair.)


“…calling Daw’s legislative efforts ‘cannabis theatre,’ DJ Schanz of the Utah Patients Coalition told Fox 13 Now, ‘While they give an illusion of moving the ball forward, they do little to nothing to give patients access and respite. As the chief Prohibitionist on the hill, Representative Daw’s crocodile tear filled attempts at legislation [during] the eleventh hour are nothing more than parlor tricks meant to undermine the meaningful reforms and patient access the Ballot Initiative will give.’

In defense of his legislative subterfuge, Daw explained that ‘dozens of states that have implemented medical marijuana laws have approached the issue incorrectly’.”

TRUCE wants to take this moment (not really, but we can get frustrated and sarcastic just like anyone) to note how lucky Utah is to have legislators with such depth of scientific and medical knowledge, plus vast experience in enacting major working programs which can help our state not “approach the issue incorrectly.”

Truly we’re barely worthy. Really. In fact, Utahns don’t deserve all this help.


Just a real medicinal cannabis program, thank you very much.

Perhaps our activist reps should leave for an extended tour of the nation where they can help the “dozens of” other states see the light and repeal their incorrectly approached programs. For maybe a few years….

More in the article. Which, by the way, doesn’t mention Brad Daw’s frequent partner in creative writing, Sen. Evan Vickers, who’s the Senate co-sponsor of these bills. But not to worry. He has a bill of his own which TRUCE is analyzing and will report on soon.

[If you want to beat the crowd and get the skinny straight from the horse’s mouth, head on over to: http://ift.tt/2DWYEie and meet SB130, the “Cannabidiol Product Act”….]

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