“The question is what does that marijuana policy look like….”
~Lieutenant Gov. Spencer Cox.

TRUCE agrees, except we have not one, but FIVE questions for the Lt. Governor and Governor (following the article quote below).

In the following, please note carefully both what is and – more importantly what ISN’T being addressed about medical cannabis policy in their remarks….

“[Cox said] ‘I think there’s general consensus around that [cannabis is] better than opioids, at least we’re getting there.’

‘The question is what does that marijuana policy look like. We’re having this debate right now.”

Cox said he would have liked the Legislature to have already passed comprehensive medical cannabis legislation — ‘two years ago would have been great,’ he said — but that he doesn’t support legalization as outlined in the ballot initiative.

‘The problem is .. if this gets on the ballot and the details of this policy really start getting out … a lot of that support is going to go away, because it makes it look a little too much like the potential for recreational marijuana down the road,’ Cox said.

He [Cox] said that while Gov. Gary Herbert opposes the initiative, “he [Herbert] told me today … (if) they ask about marijuana, please tell them I support medical marijuana but I don’t support the details of this (initiative) — there’s some problems with it.”

So…. …Lt. Gov Cox (and Gov. Herbert, and others) – HERE are the UNANSWERED questions we would love reporters to ask if they get a chance…

Five Simple Questions Constituents Want Straight Answers To:

1. If you believe in ‘comprehensive’ legislation – and – you think there are problems with the initiative, WHAT comprehensive legislation WOULD you support?

2. In particular, how would such legislation be different from the initiative, that is, what are the specific “problems and details” you object to?

3. Since you recognize the need, why haven’t you or the governor convened a task force to prepare a model bill for the legislature to consider since 2015?

4. Also, not just in broad generalities, please explain SPECIFICALLY how you think the initiative – in any way – would EVER work to bring about recreational cannabis “down the road.”

5. Finally, since you see “a few things” that are “a little too much,” isn’t it true that the Legislature can easily fix those in January 2019??


Meanwhile, if you readers have any other questions for the Lt. Gov, or you’re also curious about these, LG Cox’s contact info (phone, email, facebook twitter, etc.) is at: https://ift.tt/2uMxPgP

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