This article represents the latest that’s publicly known about the initiative, but it sure sounds like lots of things are gearing up to get this proposal moving….

…It’s going to be an exciting ride to say the least. A ride which will take a lot of work for a lot of dedicated people, a lot of donations to pay for the campaign, and despite the favorable polling quoted in the article, there will be, of course, significant headwinds from multiple opponents to overcome.

Meanwhile, just like you, we can’t wait for more news to be released by the PIC (Political Interest Committee) which will be managing the effort so that we can share all the details…

“…getting the issue on the 2018 ballot will not be easy. It’s a very exhaustive process. Once they file as expected in June, the Utah Lt. Governor’s Office will then have an analysis conducted on the ballot initiative’s language to determine constitutionality, and fiscal impact to taxpayers.

‘That information needs to be made available to potential signers so they know the full fiscal impact,’ said Mark Thomas, the state elections director.

Under the requirements for a ballot initiative, there must be seven public meetings. After a review period, if everything checks out, then supporters can start to gather signatures.

‘They’ll have until April 15 of next year to turn those in,’ Thomas said. ‘Once they’re submitted, our office and the county clerks will determine if they’ve met the threshold. For a statewide initiative, it’s 106,000 signatures.’

Boyack predicted they could have those signatures in 26 of Utah’s 29 senate districts by the end of this year.”

Much more in he article….. …and of course, since we know so many have been thirsting for real details, highly recommended….

TRUCE Note: Given that signatures can and will be challenged, the goal will actually be to collect up to 150,000 signatures – and up to 30-50% more than the number required in each senate district (10% of the vote in each district of those cast there in the 2016 presidential election) to make sure the initiative ends not missing qualifying due to technicalities.

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