Signature gathering for the ballot initiative has begun….!

Official petition circulators here and at the Willie Nelson concert garnered a good number of “John Henrys”… …and not to worry, you will have chances to sign.

We’ll publish all the signing events we hear about, plus you can visit (and subscribe to) the Utah Patients Coalition website at or visit and like their facebook page by clicking on the highlighted name above.

The extensive effort by the UPC will be rolled out in every nook and cranny of the state over the next five months – with opportunities on weekdays, weekends and evenings, and in some areas door-to-door, farm to farm, and ranch to ranch before wrapping up.

It may take a second for you and a petition to get together, then, and don’t think your signature doesn’t matter…

…We know #UPC would love to not only meet but exceed its signature goal, so the wave of enthusiasm is a great beginning.

More signatures will help ensure that after the signature challenges sure to come, there will be more than enough to meet the state’s stringent requirements.

More will also send a message to the legislature before the 2018 session gets underway, and the more autographs, the louder the message.

We feel citizens have been chafing at the bit for this opportunity to get directly involved in the decisions that effect their lives… …especially when their elected reps have refused to listen to either the medical facts and a whole series of polls of the state over the last four years.

So your turn now….

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