The story of the “Weber County event” continues to draw attention and fact correcting from the national cannabis community.

While regular readers know most of the truth already, we admit to finding the degree of one-sided hostility toward anything having to do with cannabis on display here kind of, well, stunning in 2017.

Happily we live in a state (and country and world) where people have been overwhelmingly changing their opinions over a period of yearrs now.

While stridency may appeal to those who haven’t taken an objective look since the drug war era, we doubt these contentions will re-dull the minds of those who’ve already familiarized themselves with a good dose of the facts about the safety and efficacy of medicinal cannabis…

…where the safety factor includes that over half the states are finding that medical cannabis is not causing any net social harms, and in fact are finding a variety of ancillary benefits.

So our efficacy and safety criteria – which medicinal cannabis is meeting – are 1. that it delivers medical benefit, 2. that it’s safe for patients and 3. that among available treatment modalities it’s as safe or safe than other currently approved treatments.

And just for one example… …chronic pain is by far the most-studied and most treated use of medicinal cannabis at this time), so a clear case of we know that it works, that it’s safer than opioids for patients, and the safest for society (much safer than the raging, deadly opioid epidemic still being fueled by prescription pharmaceuticals).

But we digress.

So without further comment from us… ….because we don’t want to get in the way of letting the event presenters own assertions to be aired…. …here’s another take….


“[Weber] County Sheriff Terry Thompson and Lieutenant Casey Warren of the Riverdale Police spoke to an audience in what was called a ‘townhouse meeting,’ but it didn’t seem like any citizens got a chance to speak or ask any questions….

…Had they been given the opportunity, they’d likely have taken the officers to task, as most of the comments section on the [local] news story is made up of people disproving these outrageous statements.”

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