“This week advocates for the Utah Medical Cannabis Act held public meetings around the state for input about a medical cannabis law in Utah. They hope to gather enough signatures to put an initiative on the ballot in November.

On a Thursday night in the Box Elder County Commission Chamber, around 40 people gathered to talk about the initiative.

Kevin Carver lives in Brigham City. He had polio when he was young and these days he suffers from chronic pain, headaches, and muscle and bone degeneration. He walks with a wooden cane and his body shakes.

Carver tried marijuana in Oregon under their medical use law.

‘The medicinal side I’ve qualified for and was able to quit the opiates that I’ve been taking for years as soon as I was able to start with the marijuana. And I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms or anything. I felt the best I had in years,’ Carver says.

Nearly everyone at the Brigham City meeting supported a medical use law. The Utah Patients Coalition is now finalizing the draft ballot initiative. They organized eight public input meetings in counties around the state.”

More in the article. TRUCE appreciates the interest of all Utahns who’ve taken the time to come out to any medical cannabis education event. Watch this space for further announcements of further activities providing learning and interactive opportunities.

As the Ballot Initiative goes forward, you are very much citizen-legislators on this issue and the more facts you have and share…..

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