Some facts about vaporization (“vaping”) vs smoking of medicinal cannabis…

Excerpts: “…alternative consumption methods have existed for thousands of years…. …the smoking of cannabis is actually a fairly contemporary means of ingestion.

Joining sublingual sprays, tinctures, pills, and edibles is a relatively old technology: Vaporization…. …extracting THC and other valuable cannabinoids…offers the advantages of decreased harm to the lungs, long-term cost reduction, and decreased smell.”

Vaporizers are available in a wide variety of forms and price points, e.g., from $20 – $500+ – but the costs of a better unit have proven to pay for themselves over time in legal states:

“Vaporization provides many of the convenience advantages of smoking while avoiding most of the—albeit controversial—health risks associated with burning cannabis. It offers rapid onset (a characteristic of smoking, but not eating) and efficient extraction of cannabinoids (superior to smoking).

Greater efficiency means vaporization offers a cost savings over smoking that results from stretching your supply.”


Much (much) more info in the linked article – however, please note that it DOESN’T cover the pen-like devices similar to nicotine vaporizers.

These units DON’T allow the use of whole flower cannabis, i.e., their fluids come pre-mixed, and also add flavoring and other agents which raise the eyebrows of many medical professionals…

As Project CBD notes, “…there may be a hidden downside to vape pens, manufactured (typically in China), marketed, and utilized without regulatory controls.

…Vape pens contain a battery-operated heating mechanism, which at high temperatures can transform solvents, flavoring agents, and various vape oil additives [e.g., propylene glycol] into carcinogens and other dangerous toxins.”


TRUCE take: Vaporization of whole plant cannabis as called for in the Initiative is a known safe, effective and evolving method of medicinal intake in many use scenarios, however, there is no such evidence supporting the safety of using unregulated vape pens and fluids that we’re aware of.

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