Up to now, UMA’s non-medical CEO has been leading the charge by personally making nearly all of the organization’s intemperate, innuendo-filled and inaccurate public statements opposing any meaningful medical cannabis reform, and bizarrely, as a group of professional physicians, denying there’s any validity in the 25,000 scientific papers on the topic.

Including (to their shame) failing to acknowledge the findings of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, but citing screeds from debunked opponents through their new DSU subsidiary.

Now they’re fielding a spokesperson, Mark Fotheringham. Interesting. Maybe the UMA Board is seeing Michelle McOmber’s “shoot from the lip” style is hurting their brand and putting her on a shorter leash? Or maybe she’s personally feeling the heat of the pushback from the scandals her decisions are creating?

Whatever. Having been one of her favorite targets, we know where the buck stops.

Meanwhile, in the news…

“We feel our arguments are strong enough to stand on their own and there’s really no need to make up the lies that are portrayed in the video,” Fotheringham said.

TRUCE said the uninformed pitch shows the UMA will stop at nothing to kill their initiative.

‘The opposition has accused those who are pushing for this medical cannabis bill as being deceitful, saying this bill is something that it’s not,” said TRUCE Exec. Dir. Christine Stenquist. ‘In fact, the opposite is what we see happening. We see the opposition lying about what the bill is or isn’t.’

‘We doubt seriously that the video is one of our people,’ Fotheringham said. ‘I mean, she’s not using any of our arguments and is totally distorting what the DSU campaign is trying to do’.”

UMA, then whose “people” is she “one of”? Do you think she’s a rogue agent who went to all the trouble to find actual signers, then created fake materials, a fake lanyard, etc. and then engaged in a personal quest to spread lies and confusion??

And why was Ms. McComber quoted (after the release of TRUCE’s Press Release) as accusing us of “probably staging” this video. It’s too bad we can’t afford lawyers to bring a defamation suit.

So, UMA. You set this ill-conceived process into motion, you’ve been spreading inflammatory untruths for years, and so far you’ve done nothing to curb the abuses of this out-of-control “voter nullification” campaign. Those are the facts.

Stop the #DSU campaign now. Call off your dogs.

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