“TRUCE released a video showing a woman asking someone in St. George to remove their signature from a citizen petition and making false claims.

‘It’s simply filled with fanciful confabulations, outright untruths and attempts to manipulate the person being visited,’ said TRUCE director Christine Stenquist.

…UMA, which is primarily behind the campaign to get people to remove their signatures, told FOX 13 it did not believe the person on the video worked for them.

‘We doubt seriously that the video is one of our people. She is NOT using any of our arguments and is totally distorting what the campaign,’ [a] UMA spokesman said.”

Excuse our skepticism, given UMA’s track record of inaccurate statements, distortions, exaggerations, continuing undocumented assertions about advocates and medical cannabis, and more as we’ve been documenting for years. Consider:

If this woman wasn’t working on the voter nullification campaign, what (in the world) would motivate her to 1) replicate that org’s work in ferreting out actual people who’d signed – which isn’t just a matter of a google search, after all, i.e., it takes effort and shoe leather, 2) outfit herself with the guise of a canvasser, complete with lanyard, and 3) go out to people’s homes and then 4) start doing whatever she thought was necessary to convince people??

So, no, don’t excuse our skepticism, especially in light of the other materials we’re aware of – the scripts and tips we’ve published – ads showing canvassers need NO other job experience whatsoever – and we’ll guess, little or no vetting after they’ve been hurriedly hired – the multiple reports that these UNBONDED, untrained people are being turned loose in our communities – asking people to turn over their Drivers License and SS#s.

The Lt. Governor’s office has warned people against that last, but the point is that UMA’s subsidiary was sending people out with what ethical and privacy-respecting guidelines? We’ve not been made aware of any.

The UMA spokesman notes: “…individual canvassers have made their own stuff up.” You think? From the reports coming to us, canvassers are mainly “making stuff up.” We’re told an individual has been fired. As if that will correct every abuse going on here.

This campaign is so FILLED with irregularities it should cease immediately. And we suggest the UMA board consider who ought to be fired, e.g., its CEO comes to mind.

We are also not certain if LDS authorities are following the growing body of evidence that the UMA is providing them anything but the “wise counsel” we accept they’re seeking. But we respectfully suggest they broaden the net they’re casting and consult with actual experts on cannabis medicine, which UMA is manifestly anything but.

UMA insists “UMA wanted to argue the ballot initiative on its merits.”

Sure. Let us know the first time #UMA actually does that, please … as the next time will be the first time.

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