Note to legislators clinging to “go slow” schemes (which aren’t about learning anything new, just opposing medical cannabis in a softer tone while trying to sound reasonable to the citizens who know better):

States that start medical cannabis programs are universally finding a) they’re medically effective and b) they don’t cause mass breakouts of reefer madness-like behavior or drag society down into some feared pit of despair (LoL).

So not only are legal states not backing away – as in NONE are backing away – rather, many are moving to expand their programs, or going from super-limited. As Virginia is currently doing….

Wake up, Utah Senators and Representatives…! Your citizens are suffering unnecessarily all based on deliberately spread misinformation and myths. Because keeping this medicine from people is serving some people’s and other interests for their own selfish reasons.

Meanwhile look how the voting went down on this VA measure: it was unanimous!

“Virginia inched closer to greatly expanding medical marijuana use this week after legislation passed the Senate with unanimous support – three days after its companion bill was likewise approved by the House of Delegates.

SB 726, which passed 38-0 on Monday, would let doctors issue certifications for patients to use cannabis oil to treat the symptoms of diagnosed conditions or diseases. The House version of the bill – HB 1251 – passed 98-0 on Friday.

“The literature on medical cannabis is going to be evolving rapidly now, and because of this, it is not a decision that should be in the hands of the legislature,” said [Republican Senator Siobhan] Dunnavant, who also is a doctor. “Instead, it should be with physicians.”

Virginia is poised to join 29 other states that allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Three U.S. territories have a similar policy.

The legislation is considered a major victory for marijuana-law reform advocates.

‘This will bring relief to thousands of Virginians suffering from cancer, Crohn’s disease and PTSD,’ said Jenn Michelle Pedini, executive director of the marijuana law reform advocacy group, Virginia NORML. ‘We could not be happier with the unanimous passage of these bills’.”

So please move toward the light, Utah!

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