Straight from the heart….

We feel that taking a deeper look at the science on how cannabis effects the heart (and existing heart disease) is timely, especially in light of the recent controversy where some media turned the less than well-chosen remarks by two doctors into viral claims that the world had seen “the first cannabis-caused death” (despite any affirmative evidence whatsoever, as subsequent interviews and investigations have revealed. See, e.g.,

So the world (or at least opponents desperate for ammunition since they have so few facts on their side) is still waiting for that news. As it has been for many millennia at least.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it turns out that while much is still to be learned, and while the question is turning out to be complicated, as there are cardiovascular effects, there is enough evidence to indicate that a) most people have little to be concerned about in terms of cannabis’ cardiac effects and b) there may be a number of cases where cannabis medicine may be useful in treating some heart conditions.

This article is an excellent review of what’s known… …highly recommended.

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