Do caffeine and cannabis mix well? What research is finding….

…in short, nothing toxic and not huge, but still for some patients maybe a combination to think about carefully based on the effects noted in this article…. …which is recommended reading.

TRUCE Note: We share articles that raise cautions about cannabis use because we’re not propagandists, and we’re interested in getting the truth about the medical efficacy of cannabis medicines – in many forms – out there.

The body of established and promising evidence is so large, it can take the fact that there are things to be concerned about and managed as well – although it wouldn’t surprise us to see opponents seizing on this to raise scare alarms about coffee and cannabis…..

…there’s going to be a lot of claims tossed around the in the debates about medical cannabis and Utah going forward, and we’ll be here publishing what we learn – not what we feel – and not what supporters are funding us to say – and not with any personal economic interests in mind.

We’re here like we’ve always been here to advocate for the best interests of all of Utah’s patients, because (and excuse us for reminding people occasionally) nearly all of us ARE patients with conditions that respond favorably to MC and we know exactly how they feel.

So we hope you’ll continue to use and share our materials and if you’re drawn into the discussion remember which side has best stuck to the facts and is sharing the straighter story…..

TRUCE: The more you know…

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See full article – What Happens When You Mix Caffeine And Marijuana? – Leaf Science