Sunday Seminar: Know your cannabinoids…. …meet CBG…

CBG is another of the scores of unique phytochemicals (plant- made substances) found in the whole cannabis plant which shows indications of having much potential medical promise – and more to the point of the current debate – CBG is another constituent of cannabis you won’t see in any pharmaceutical derivative for many years at least.

So CBG is only available as part of the whole plant “entourage effect” which will take at least decades to tease out fully, but what we do know is that it’s part of what makes medical cannabis so widely effective.

And a question for you: Let us know in the comments…. ….especially if you’re one of our regular readers (and/or have done your own research elsewhere)…

…do you agree that “CBD-only” (or “very low THC/high CBD”) medicines turned into “products” – as some Utah politicians and local doctors’ groups suggest – are the only form of cannabis medicine that Utah ought to consider legalizing??

Meanwhile, enjoy the article and the rest of your weekend….

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