Cannabis laws, state by state: How legal are which uses of cannabis in the US in 2017….??

A staple of our blog from its beginnings has been sharing stories about how cannabis law reform has been sweeping the country (and the world) in recent years – as more and more states and countries have legalized forms of cannabis and cannabis use – while none have turned back.

For the last some months it’s been generally agreed there are 29 states with legal medical cannabis programs (plus Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam). And a smaller number of states (eight plus Washington, DC) where adult personal use is allowed.

Yet the laws in these states vary considerably (actually greatly when all aspects are considered) from state to state – and even from local jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Recently as some like Texas have approved “compromise” projects to make ultra-low THC medicine available in-state for treating (only) “intractable epilepsy,” questions arise about whether we should count an event like that or something similar elsewhere as “number 30,” although the other 29 all allow full flower cannabis.

Other states, including Utah, make selected special allowances for things like low-THC CBD medicines for childhood epilepsy, but many force patients to break federal laws to obtain them across state lines.

In some cases lines between having or not allowing medical cannabis are increasingly blurring as the most resistant of the non-legal states consider “half-way at best” programs that the most foot-dragging opponents think they can sell despite public opinion. Perpetual anti-full-medical cannabis gadflies in the Utah legislature like Sen.Vickers and Rep. Daw have proposed multiple “not-really-program-program” measures in recent sessions.

In any case, we’re pleased to have found this article which (very briefly, but still) summarizes and compares the laws and programs to date, and is a useful snapshot for activists interested in the big picture.

States which are just transitioning newly enacted laws and/or passed referendums into practice are also noted.

(Not noted nearly as much are all of the skulduggery that dedicated (and/or economically motivated) foes of cannabis, medical or personal, continue to use with a variety of tactics to delay, limit, harass, and otherwise throw monkey wrenches into implementation. We could put up 10 blog posts a day on these situations alone around the country, easily.)

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