Medical cannabis for periodic pain…..?

“Last year, Goldberg and cannabis industry leader Maya Elisabeth launched a brand of medical cannabis products targeting menstrual pain relief. The nascent line includes a cannabis bath soak, a THC herbal tincture, CBD and beeswax body balm, and raw, organic cacao with either THC or CBD, which is also rich in magnesium and iron – another thing that can help ease some pain for women.

None of Whoopi & Maya’s products have psychoactive properties, according to Goldberg. ‘This is not about getting women high,’ she says.

Right now, Whoopi & Maya products are only available for sale in California dispensaries, but Goldberg says there are plans to expand.

In particular, advocates are focusing on states that allow medical marijuana, but don’t count dysmenorrhea, the medical term for severe menstrual cramps, among the qualifying conditions.

Whether or not dysmenorrhea will become an approved ailment under medical marijuana programs across the country is up in the air. But with Whoopi & Maya, Goldberg and Elisabeth have at least given women a new option – and begun a new conversation.

‘Periods affect your life, affect your productivity,” Goldberg said. “We need to talk about this’.”

TRUCE notes: There are few studies on such products, and dysmenorrhea although there are many on medical cannabis and all sorts of pain resulting from inflammation, and pains formerly mostly treated by traditional pain-killers. Hopefully researchers will be taking a closer look at the potential for use in this area.

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