…Cannabis and Opioids: Rep. Brad Daw vs. the Truth…

There are more inaccuracies in Rep. Daw’s remarks than we can begin to correct in this space – if all things regular readers know we’ve debunked multiple times.

Suffice to say again that when self-titled “cautious reformers” speak, phrases like “cautious approach” and “more research” are no more than code words for delay and denial of care – which left in the hands of such legislators would bring real legal medicinal cannabis access by approximately “The 12th of Never.”

As for his calling the initiative “almost recreational,” well that…not to put too fine a point on the matter…that…is simply willful bull hockey.

So here we’ll provide you with what he could, but hasn’t: the growing weight of scientific evidence addressing the the value of cannabis in the #opioid crisis. Where real Utahns who could be saved are dying every month.

Advocates have sent such info to him (and the governor, etc.) repeatedly. In our opinion, then, he knows better… …and has other agendas. Whatever they are. Though one thing they’re not is best meeting the medical needs of current patients.

Below, then, is some of the evidence that access – which in any case is vastly less toxic and dependency-inducing than opioids – is associated with:

1. Reduced rates of opioid use and abuse
2. Reduced opioid-related hospitalizations
3. Reduced opioid-related traffic fatalities
4. Reduced opioid-related drug treatment admissions
5. Reduced opioid-related overdose deaths

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-“The Biology of Cannabis vs. Opioids for Pain Relief” https://bit.ly/2uQsDXh

PS: We have more. Science rules. Empty rhetoric hurts real people.

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