Sunday science special: Understanding cannabis classification (Part three of three)….

“While differences between sativa and indica are debated, there’s a lesser known species (or subspecies – even this is still debated) of cannabis… …”Cannabis ruderalis”… …which may play a growing role in medical cannabis someday.

“…ruderalis is a wild, feral cannabis found throughout Central Asia and Russia. It was previously thought to be the wild ancestor of both indica and sativa varieties, but this theory has mostly been discarded.

These days, C. ruderalis is commonly believed to be a hybrid of indica and sativa that escaped cultivation and managed to adapt to the colder, harsher Northern climate.

Ruderalis is visibly different from the sativas and indicas. For starters, ruderalis is much shorter (2 to 2.5 feet)….

…Ruderalis produces very little THC… …However, ruderalis often has significant levels of CBD and has gained popularity with modern breeders because of this.”

I.e., there might soon be whole new high-CBD strains of ruderalis with unique entourage effects.


This (almost) completes our overview of cannabis classification…

…almost, except we haven’t mentioned the difference between medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Is “hemp” cannabis sativa? Cannabis indica? Something else….???

The key LEGAL difference, of course, is that hemp contains almost no THC (by law 0.3% or less in places it can be farmed). But the story, how the two became separated, hemp’s role in medical cannabis, etc., are more complicated matters we’ll take up another day….

…as we love that the public is becoming more educated on all things cannabis, since the matter of whether to set up a real Utah medical cannabis program lies in YOUR hands now….

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