Helping Utah’s Medical Cannabis Patients

Truce Utah’s Mission

Informing and educating Utahns and the cannabis-curious about the science and benefits of plant medicine to aid in removing the stigma of its use.

We Have the Power to Help Utah Patients and We’re Doing Something About It

We think people need to see a different face of medical cannabis users. They need to see that it is their mother and father, their sisters and brothers, their grandparents and extended family, dear friends and neighbors. Human beings suffer. If suffering is the human condition, then compassion is the cure. We are prepared to help and to fight on all fronts to make it possible for every patient who can benefit from medical cannabis to be treated with dignity and discretion in managing their health.

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Down in the Weeds with Delta 8 THC

Down in the Weeds with Delta 8 THC

Hemp Extracts When the federal Farm Bill of 2018 legalized cultivation of hemp – a member of the banned cannabis family – it also opened legal loophole entrepreneurs could use to chemically produce large quantities of low-cost...

Cannabis Compounds & Covid 19

Cannabis Compounds & Covid 19

It should be common knowledge that TRUCE supports and advocates for full-spectrum whole plant medicine patients need and want. This does not mean we categorically oppose the study and possible creation of isolated compounds from a plant to target a specific ailment....


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Medical cannabis is an alternative to opioid use. Help us help patients of utah avoid addiction.